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Kayaking Fall 2011Kayaking Fall 2011

Kayaking Fall 2011

Kayaking around Naples Island, Long Beach, CA

E-Board Retreat 2011E-Board Retreat 2011

E-Board Retreat 2011

E-Board Retreat in Big Bear

IBA E-Board Fall 2012IBA E-Board Fall 2012

IBA E-Board Fall 2012

New E-Board

International Potluck 2011International Potluck 2011

International Potluck 2011

IBA International food event

Broom-ball Fall 2011Broom-ball Fall 2011

Broom-ball Fall 2011

IBA joins AMA Broom-ball event with many other orgs

Charity Dodge-ball Fall 2011Charity Dodge-ball Fall 2011

Charity Dodge-ball Fall 2011

Charity Dodge-ball with AMA

Beach Clean Up Fall 2011Beach Clean Up Fall 2011

Beach Clean Up Fall 2011

Beach clean up at Huntington Beach

E-Board 2011E-Board 2011

E-Board 2011

Our past E-Board photos from 2011